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Fearless Firewalls...And they started...


And the team performance followed


Nature & Women - A topic well addressed


Words of Appreciation from the CEO


Team Dashing Defragmenters


The colour of their attire allied to the team logo colours


A musical journey down the memory lane


Every big brand's logo shares a message and that's what was explained!


Team Responsive Rangers starting off their presentation


Dynamic Dudes participating in Group Activity


It was Tireless Troubleshooters' turn to participate...


Round of quick-quiz contest


Her poem enthralled everyone


Mentor's speech started off the event


She enthralled everyone with her melodious voice


Performances that captivated...


CEO appreciated the effort put up by the team


Dynamic Dudes mentor announcing their presentation topic


The Team-lead of Dynamic Dudes solved Rubik's Cube in no time!


The benefits of Paper Battery was nicely explained...

Sincere thank giving moments never grow old and spreading smiles by acknowledging the good work, well, is contagious! Unlike how the top-notch organizations in the industry term it/know it, we have tweaked the conventional 'Employee Performance Reward' or "Employee Recognition Program" a bit and 'TechLavya' thus came into being.

What is TechLavya?
TechLavya is one of a kind program undertaken by Supertron Infotech that embraces an innovative way of appreciating the employee performance, augmenting team spirit and encouraging higher levels of performance. As its motto echoes, TechLavya is all about admiring positivity within the team, motivating team members, and contributing to organization's mission, goals and values!

Why it's called TechLavya?
The word TechLavya is a revering derivation of Eklavya – a character from the epic Mahābhārata who is honored for his selfless devotion, sacrifice and dedication to guru Drona. As the legend goes, Eklavya was the son of Hiranyadhanus who was King Jarasandha's chief equestrian and was the leader of the Nishadhas (tribal hunters who were part of Jarasandha's army). Eklavya had approached Drona to teach him the arts of war, especially archery but since Drona was a Brahmin teacher appointed by the Royal Family of Hasthinapura to teach the young Kaurava and Pandava princes, he refused to tutor Eklavya because he was a lower caste. Eklavya was immensely disappointed with Drona's rejection, but did not do away with the will to master archery. He went into the forest and made a statue of Drona and began a disciplined program of self-study over many years. Eventually, Eklavya became an archer of exceptional prowess, greater than Drona's best pupil, Arjuna. He accepted the statue as his guru and practiced in front of it every single day. The incident that glorifies Eklavya's sacrifice and dedication to his guru is the unhesitant nod to the order of Drona who wanted Eklavya to slice off his thumb as 'Guru-Dakshina'.

The example of the little warrior in the forest, with no teacher around but a small mud image, puts forth an extraordinary example of admiration, motivation, wisdom and attitude that are the true essence of learning. We know every individual is blessed with distinct capabilities and skill-set, which cannot be transferred to another individual, but can be nourished to inspire others around.

Learning is a process that depends on us and our attitude of mind. The traditional 'guru' or the modern day mentors are those individuals who can inspire his disciple or students towards glorified future, and in return, student has to trust his guru (teacher). His mind should be ideally like a blotting paper, eager to absorb every word, every nuance and work as one consolidated force.

Aimed at fostering collaboration, communication and team-work, and with the intent to evoke a venerable and competitive spirit within each member, TechLavya is here to allow Supertronites prove their mettle, overshadowing regular tedious corporate routines and compulsory do-s and don't-s.

TechLavya - The Teams
  • techlavya
    Dynamic Dudes – They harness the team spirit with the vision of "One Spirit, One Team, One Dream". The Mentor of the team Ms. Paroma Kumar is full of energy, verve and enthusiasm, always on the toes to motivate her team. Her 'Dynamic' team includes- Mr. Asadul Haque, the gem of a programmer, Mr. Amit Bhowmik, Senior Web Designer, Mr. Manish Madhukar, Hardware and Networking Wizard and Ms. Sayandeepa Basak, a promising Web Developer and Mr. Raushan Kr. Jha, iPhone Developer. Evenly poised team, Dynamic Dudes boasts the potential to surprise everyone with something exceptional!
  • techlavya
    Responsive Rangers - The fact that this team has the HR Manager, Ms. Payeli Sen Majumdar as the mentor, speaks for its strength! No doubt, this team will have an edge in the non-technical parameters, but with the likes of Mr. Sagarjit Kundu, the Associate Business Development Manager as the team-lead, this team promises a lot of surprises! With Mr. Abhishek Dhar from the Data entry Operating team, Mr. Somnath Dey, the ever-spirited Back-Office executive and Mr. Arijit Chowdhury, Digital Marketing Executive in the act, Responsive Rangers can always fancy its chance to bag the 'Team of the Quarter' award, more than once!
  • techlavya
    Tireless Troubleshooters – One thing that you can surely expect from this fleet of Troubleshooters is creative dexterity and innovative spectacles! Mr. Chintan Kotak, the Business Analyst & Development Manager will be mentoring and inspiring the team to deliver the best! Tireless Troubleshooters has one of the most talented, dedicated and disciplined Supertronite as its team lead - Ms. Sinchita Choudhury, a Senior Web Designer. The one of a kind blend this team boasts the likes of Mr. Somnath Chatterjee – the prolific Software Tester, Mr. Sunil Kr. Thakur from the Data entry Operating team and creative devil Mr. Karamjit Singh, Web & Graphics Visualizer! They voice their motto "We Dont Rest..Till You Get The Best" quite firmly and winning 'Team of the Quarter' award is so much within the realm of possibility for them!
  • techlavya
    Energetic Explorers - This team is composed of some of the most closemouthed heroes of Supertron. Leading by example will be Mr. Samotosh Pal, one of the popular faces in Supertron Infotech's Web Development unit and he will have one of the ever joyous personalities Mr. Avik Sutar from Android Development team, at assistance. Mrs. Praheli Bhowmik, one of the promising iPhone Developers in the unit along with Aritra Mondal from the Data entry Operating team is surely going to add to the sheen of this team. The entire team will perform under the mentorship of Mr. Animesh Sharma, Associate Project Manager. Energetic Explorers can delve deep and exploring the pith of excellence and innovation.
  • techlavya
    Dashing Defragmenters - It's often said that confident, vehement and go-getting attitude can fetch you the best results and hence, quite rightly, Dashing Defragmenters have the best chances of bringing the crown of 'Team of the Quarter' home. The most agile personlaity Ms. Pragya Dey the Delivery Manager, is in charge of mentoring the team with some of the most proficient Supertronites at her assistance! With the creative lady Mrs. Rituparna Mukherjee and fiery quick Content Writer, Ms. Madhumita Dutta in the team, Dashing Defragmenters can really give the other teams a run for money! Fighters-Dreamers-Defragmenters is expected to have a dream run, all round the year!
  • techlavya
    Fearless Firewalls - There are some teams that believe in a slow and steady start and accelerate crazily towards the end, to cut through every possible hindrance to emerge as winners. And guess what, Fearless Firewalls is certainly one of them. The team is under the mentorship of Project Manager cum one of the most revered personalities in Supertron, Mr. Debarun Biswas. With the Content Writer, Mr. Avishek Bose in the lead, the team is expected to weave some real magic, not only with persuasive presentation, but also with stupendously consistent performance, all through the year. The team definitely has an edge with ace Web Developer Mr. Sanjib Ganguly, super-talented Web Designer Rajib Das, Soumik Maity, the supremely talented Android Developerand Mr. Rajkumar Samanta from the Data-Entry Operating team giving their best shot! "Let's be fearless in facing challenges" - that's what their motto is and come what may, they are not expected to stop till they have achieved the best!

Uniqueness of TechLavya
The uniqueness of TechLavya, essentially, lies in the team allocation! The Mentor, Team Lead and Team members in each of the six teams have been selected from different working units. Such amalgam has been created to harness unity across multiple working units so as to foster communication and simultaneously, evoke the venerable and competitive spirit within them. Simply put, TechLavya intends to empower Supertronites, enabling each of them to stand out and excel in competitive diorama.

Performance Evaluation Process
Supertronites are divided into different six teams with Mentors and Team Lead playing the title role. While the role of mentor is to guide his/her respective team, aiding it in winning an edge over the other teams, it is the Team Lead who needs to lead by example, driving the performance of his/her team members. The Team Leads as well as team members can approach the mentors for any kind of help and guidance. Individual performance of each member will reflect in the overall team performance.

Parameters Of Performance Evaluation
The performance of every Supertronite will be judged by the Mentors and CEO of the company, across 20 scoring parameters segmented. These parameters involve non-technical skill-sets such as sincerity, discipline, work etiquettes, participation in co-curricular activities etc. along with the core technical skills such as project understanding, timely delivery, leadership skills, co-ordination among the team members, task prioritizing and more.

The Badges
Something that adds to TechLavya's one-of-a-kind attribute is the badges. Supertronites will be given badges for their individual performance that will earn their team bonus points. The Supertronite with the highest score in the first month will be awarded Yellow badge and he/she can follow that up with Green badge on becoming the highest scorer for the second month and Red badge on attaining the highest score for three consecutive months! If a Supertronite fails to score 90% in the second month, he/she will get a grace period of one month to retain the badge but his/her team will not be eligible for the bonus points.

Team Presentation
Each of the six teams will give presentation twice a year. The presentation will be organized in the middle of every month or third Saturday of every month. Time slot for presenting would be ten minutes and the presentation topic can encompass anything and everything! The presentation topic, presentation format and persuasiveness will add to the surplus points in team's kitty! The intent of the presentation is to nourish the creative skills as well as delve deep into exploring special talent that lies dormant within each Supertronite.

Rewards And Incentives
The individual scoring the highest number of points at the end of each quarter will be declared the 'Supertronite of the Quarter' and will be awarded a cash incentive. The winning team will also take home a hefty cash incentive. The best part- it's not necessary that the individual winning Supertronite of the Quarter award will have his/her team bagging the 'Team of the Quarter' award and vice versa. It's a collaborative effort as well as individual excellence that would adjudicate the winner! Mentors, however will not be part of the cash incentive; they would just ideate ways of improving performance and guide team members to excel in the assigned tasks and motivate.

Check out TechLavya blog for TechLavya event updates, photographs and a horde of exciting stuff!

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