What will you need to join our team?

At Supertron Infotech, we encourage professionalism mixed with fun and creativity to enhance and elevate an individual's career growth.

Energetic. Passionate. Team Player. If you qualify for all three categories, we welcome you to review our list of open positions. However, if you don't see an opening that fits, click here to submit your resume and tell us why we should hire you anyway!

Our Culture

On the Job Training

We provide on the job training to our employees to enable them to carry out their tasks in the best possible manner and within the shortest possible time. We have experts in the business to train the new recruits. The training generally lasts for a period of one year. It is followed by a brief test to gauge the skill levels that the employees have acquiired.

Long Term Service Benefit

Employees engaged with us for long term (over two to three years at a stretch without any glitch being seen in their work record), are liable to receive a number of additional benefits from the company. These include a relaxation on the number of sick leaves and paid leaves that can be taken in a year. Besides, money is also immediately advanced to such individual in the event of any emergency, something is not offered by most professional organizations.

Disciplined Savings

All our employees get to avail of a provident fund and a gratuity fund right from the time their employment is confirmed. This is a form of a disciplined savings enforced by the company.


Employees are allowed a scheduled number of leaves in the course of one year. The leaves can be availed after an employee completes his/her probation period. The unused leaves can be encanshed every year.

Alternate Saturdays Off

Employees are given off on second and fourth Saturdays to ensure that they are in the best possible health to work for the organization. First and the third Saturdays are dedicated towards employee training and knowledge enhancement programmes.


Appraisals are a regular feature of our company and occur at an interval of six months. Those who have been freshly recruited are evaluated by us for a six month time frame before being made a permanent part of the company. For permanent employees, an evaluation is undertaken by work place superiors every six months.

Incentives and Rewards

We have two types of motivational and appreciation programs for our workers. Incentives are project based enticements that the company offers to the deserving employees from time to time. Besides, a yearly reward system is also there for the employees. The overall and all round performance of a year decides the rewards for the employees. We believe that these token of motivation helps our employees to grow better with each passing day.


Supertron Infotech, as an organization envisions employee appreciation as one of the elementary aspects that caters to the progress and growth of the organization as a whole. We not only provide a comprehensive platform to the talented people helping them nourish and showcase their creative and technical prowess, but also acknowledge their commitment and dedication to work. At Supertron Infotech, we quantify, evaluate and grade the performance of every employee and give away the Best Performer of the Month award (we call it 'Supertronite of the Month') to the true team player who stands out in the crowd with an all-round performance. We also crown the senior members of the team with 'Mentor of the Month' award as a gesture to acknowledge their leadership qualities as well as for being an inspiring role model and a true motivator to the young talents.


TechLavya is one of a kind program undertaken by Supertron Infotech that embraces an innovative way of appreciating the employee performance, augmenting team spirit and encouraging higher levels of performance. As its motto echoes, TechLavya is all about admiring positivity within the team, motivating team members, and contributing to organization's mission, goals and values!

Fun at SIPL

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Thus, to offer a break from the monotony of daily work we organize different sorts of interactive sessions for our employees. Occasional quizzes and games are held in office. These are fun and interactive sessions, which allow the employees to refresh their minds before they get back to work again. It also allows the employees to enhance their communication skills and personality developments as well. Besides, we also have employee birthday celebrations and annual picnics which further gives the feeling of a closely-knit family, and not mere employees. In the event of very good work being demonstrated by all employees, parties are held in the weekends. We prefer parties in the office itself rather than at a separate venue. However, exceptions are also made once in a while.

Current Position(s)

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