Diwali is a festival of joy, splendor, brightness and happiness. This festival of light is celebrated with great enthusiasm by all the Supertronites every year. Take a look at some of those moments

Shubho Naboborsho

Another New Year. Another Call for Celebration. Another Supertronic Moment!


Supertronites colored the evening sky with different hues. It was Holi - The Supertronites way!


Supertronites had an exciting session on Spiritual MVC Framework with Nikhil Narayan. His motivational and inspirational session helped Supertronites to think life in a different way!


The Supertronites plunged into Joy and Bliss in its Picnic 2016. The savory food, game shows and music created some wonderful moments. Take a view at the pictures of Picnic 2016!

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