Diwali is the time to feel Good, the time to share Happiness and being Loved. Diwali is the day to celebrate the victory of Good over Evil. This Diwali Supertronites celebrated the day with fun. Office rooms gleamed with decorative lights and they attended the Puja in the office premises. Take a look at the pictures of Diwali rituals and celebrations!


It was just the beginning of a new year and Supertronites were obliged to keep the e-mails and deadlines to plunge into a joyous fest…it was time for Picnic. Sumptuous dishes were savored with delight, followed by a horde of game-shows and then letting body lose to the peppy beats…the essence of Supertron's Picnic was so much the same.


The auspicious occasion of Holi is not just about faces smeared with colors; it also revolves around the essence of unity. Along with some light snacks and jubilant celebration, the spirits of diligent Supertronites were set free and brought out the most essential element for a long-lasting bond – “Happy smiles within a happy family”.

Shubho Naboborsho

Poila Boishakh has always been one of those occasions that Supertronites celebrate with a bang. And this year was no different! From poetry recitations to group plays... Supertronites showed again that they are always better than the rest.

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