29th December 2013 it was when Supertronites dived in unbound joy and euphoria in its Picnic 2014. Sumptuous food, shaking the hips to the peppy numbers, game shows, prize distribution; the event had some wonderful moments to offer.

Holi Celebration

Supertronites swayed in happy fest as they celebrated Holi in office! There were smiling faces; all drenched in the hues of red, yellow and green. One enthralling break from the nine hour exhaustion and it certainly upheld the essence of being one happy family - a family named Supertron Infotech!

Diwali Celebrations

Diwali essentially celebrates the triumph of the good over evil, education over ignorance. On the occasion of Diwali, Supertronites attended the “Puja” in office premise, in the morning. As the nook and corner of the rooms were covered with the thick holy smoke of incense sticks, the sacred Gayatri Mantra chants added to the ethereal essence! The empty cubicles gleamed with decorative lights and complemented the resplendent aura. Sweet hampers were distributed, snacks were savoured and ball pens were handed over to the members. Now, these pens were no ordinary; they were etched with the brand name and the brand tagline of Supertron’s most ambitious project – ‘edmition.com – Mission Education’. Taking a tiny step towards building up its' brand identity could have never got any better moment to see the light of the day:

Take a look at the pictures of Diwali rituals and Diwali celebration at office!

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