Re-defining Mobile Web Browsing Experience

With the prolific growth of mobile web surfing, responsive web designing, over the past few years have evolved as the most viable approach of presenting content to the users. From a Smartphone browser, iPads and Tablets, responsive websites offer optimal viewing experience to the users by adjusting its layout, texts, navigation menus and images as per the different screen dimensions.

Benefits of Having a Responsive Website

Usability: Responsive websites are flexible and can adapt to different screen sizes of mobile devices

Easy to Maintain: Responsive websites eliminate the need of a sub-domain for mobile platforms ( There is no need to update the different versions of the website for making trivial changes such as revamping a site's content or adding an image. With responsive websites, only one platform has to be updated and the changes get reflected in every other version. This saves lot of time and money.

Increased Visibility in Search Engines: As per Google's report, responsive websites have been prominently featuring in Google's local search results. Responsive design offers a single model that makes it easy to optimize the content and update it. Furthermore, the URL structure also remains same across all devices be it a Smartphone or a Tablet which makes it easy for Google to index a website.

Influence Conversion Rates: The use of CSS across the mobile devices offers a consistent look and feel to the responsive websites. Responsive websites do not have the troublesome feature of redirection and this offers an improved browsing experience to the users. Such enriched user-experience will have a positive impact on the conversion rates.

At SIPL, our experienced team of web designers and developers are competent in creating responsive web layout by utilizing advanced technologies of HTML5 and CSS3. The responsive websites we design are compatible across Smartphones, iPads and Tablets, irrespective of the screen size. We will design and optimize your responsive website to steer volumes of web traffic and generate better business opportunities.

If you are looking for developing a responsive website, give us a call at 91-8013655552 or request for a proposal.

Responsive Web Designing

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