Various government agencies, Kolkata Police being the nodal & coordinating authority, are involved in granting permission for setting up the pandals, to Durga Puja Committees. Typically the process of application starts a fortnight before start of the festivities and permission is accorded just before start of celebrations.

Durga Puja is the most popular festival celebrated majorly in West Bengal and other states in Eastern India

In the past 15 years the scale as well as number of Pandals has grown by leap and bounds. In Kolkata Police jurisdiction alone, 4500+ pandals are set up.

Community Pujas are organised in public places. Pandals of various sizes are constructed across the city where Durga Puja rituals as well as festivities happen during the four days of the festival.

Idea of Aasaan

In sync with IT initiatives taken by Govt of West Bengal under the vision and leadership of Hon'ble CM Ms Mamata Banerjee, Kolkata Police initiated AASAAN. Involving & getting onboard all other stakeholders in Durga Puja permission, a Single Window Web Portal wherein each stakeholder having review and approval process under its login, was created.

This web portal had enabled 4500+ Durga Puja Organisers under Kolkata Police Jurisdiction to apply and receive permissions online via a web application from 8 different Government Agencies .

Application Submission

Each of the 8 agencies involved were part of the system admin group with their unique logins including 69 Police Stations under Kolkata Police Jurisdiction.

Application Review

As soon as the application got submitted, relevant portion of the application was visible to the respective agency to review and take necessary action.

Application Approval

Within a time frame of 2 weeks all the 4500+ Durga Puja organising committees got the permission - online, without requiring even one physical visit even once

Process Prior to Aasaan

Special cells, by each of 8 agencies involved in giving permission, used to be set up across the city. The organisers had to visit these cells and everything was done manually. It was a long and tedious process.

How it works


Various Agencies involved are

Fire & Emergency

WB State Fire Services

Power Suppply


Law & Order

Kolkata Police

Land Permission


Environmental Control

WB Pollution Control Board

Aasaan Advantages

Manpower Savings

Single Window


System Available 24x7

Time Savings

Easy Approval

Cashless Secured Transactions


from Joint Commissioner of Police, Kolkata

The task was very very critical and huge in integrating various other service agencies like KMC, KMDA, KOPT, CESC, WBSEDCL, PCB, and WBFS and to bring those together under the same umbrella.

This is also to convey my satisfaction with the quality of the product and the standard of services offered by the qualified and efficient team of Supertron Infotech Pvt. Ltd. The implementation of "AASAAN" which has now become an asset of e-citizen services of Kolkata Police for the future days, was found to be extremely useful and flawless only with the support team of Supertron Infotech Pvt. Ltd. available 24x7 even during holiday season.

This is also to place on record to extend complements for the entire team of Supertron Infotech Pvt. Ltd. and speci ally for their CEO Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary and Project Manager Mr. Debarun Biswas.

Keenly looking forward for continuing a great relationship with them.


Sujay Kr. Chanda, IPS