Supertron Foundation-Annual Sports

Supertron Foundation organized an annual sport in Kolkata on 6th of January’19. Almost 150 underprivileged along with some special boys & girls participated in the sport. The events were filled with participants, who were highly enthusiast to enjoy the race moments with their family and School Teachers. Sports activates like relay, races and gymnastic has made the members of Supertron to take part actively and show an effort to win the events best team or best participant.


The most thrilling and enjoyable moment for the Supertronites was during the Picnic time of 2019. Organised at Shiv Shakhti Garden, Bishnupur, games like cricket, badminton and football was played where our members showed their spirit of enjoying the game like a sportsman. A get together moments with families and friends, it was indeed a remarkable and a memorable one for us on 2019.

Team Lunch

The start of the year was a delightful one as our CEO Sanjay Chaudhary has offered us a lunch treat. With this start, the lunch was a delicious one which has pleased our hearts and there was fun present in office, which made the environment an alluring one.

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